Nutrition healthy ideals

Nutrition - Healthy Ideals?

How does food affect you?

Too often people will get some sort of health complaint and just fob it off as ‘it is just me, I always suffer from ......’.  More often than not, it is from the food you eat and liquid you drink.

If you suffer from the following symptoms, read along to see if you can eliminate or at least decrease the severity of the symptom.

Do you suffer from?

Headaches, bloated, gas, fatigue, constipation, IBS, joint inflammation, 3 o’clock slumps, Candida, insomnia, sinus pains, mood swings, skin complaints (eczema), hyperactivity with following lows etc

What to do?

The best way to see if a particular food is inducing the above symptoms is to write down (or pay attention to) the foods you are eating 24 hours before you get the complaint.  If you do find a particular food is triggering say a lot of gas, then you have an intolerance to that food and it is best to stay away from this. If you want more confirmation then follow the elimination diet outlined below.

Common foods that produce food intolerances

Dairy, gluten/wheat, eggs, nuts, shellfish, soy, sugar
NOTE: These are common food intolerances, people can have other intolerances, such as grapes – everyone is different!

Elimination Diet

Eliminate the suspected food for at least 3 weeks, in this time pay attention to your symptoms.  Some people find they feel very fatigued or low in the first week or so if they heavily rely on that food.  This should go away and you may feel you have more energy than normal once the food is out of your system.  Once you have successfully done this for 3 weeks, have a small amount on day one.  If you do not notice symptoms then miss a day and on day three have a wee bit more, keep doing this, making sure to miss a day in between.  You may find you can handle a small bit every day or every other day.  For example, two people may have an intolerance to gluten, where one can have one sandwich for lunch but has to avoid all breads and pasta for the next 48 hours, however another may find they can have one sandwich for lunch as well as a small portion of pasta for dinner every day and be fine, but having a toast as a snack pushes them over the edge.  Both will find that if they have more than that then they get bloated, gas, fatigue etc.  

You may have more than one food intolerance. This process can take a few weeks/months to sort out what works for you.  Just make sure you always pay attention to how food affects you and you will get many insights of what is a healthy diet means for you!

Food Labels and Sugars....

Start to read the back of food labels, taking special note of sugars in added ingredients as well as ‘per 100g’, you may think your diet is sugar free, however once you start to read the back of food labels you find it is well and truly not!  Also avoid sweeteners!  
Look out for up and coming posts to discover the nasty’s of sugar and sweeteners.


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