Rugby Training Week

Prepared for a Saturday Game 1 pm k.o

Outlined in this article is the nutrition advice I would give for a typical week

Monday – Thursday

1.    This part of the week you should be having a relatively normal diet. 
Everybody’s ‘normal’ is different, and as you become more aware of your diet and how food affects you, this will change.  Without going into detail key aspects which you should be  concentrating on are decreasing sugars (apart from post sessions), eating frequency (every 2-3 hours), higher protein snacks (nuts, hummus etc), and hydration.


Wal Herring Nutrition consultant

Wal Herring

Nutrition expert and consultant to the Leicester Tigers Rugby team will provide regular updates and advice about nutrition on this blog.


Nutrition healthy ideals

Nutrition - Healthy Ideals?

How does food affect you?

Too often people will get some sort of health complaint and just fob it off as ‘it is just me, I always suffer from ......’.  More often than not, it is from the food you eat and liquid you drink.

If you suffer from the following symptoms, read along to see if you can eliminate or at least decrease the severity of the symptom.


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