Tackling Technique

This coaching tip will outline a simple step by step guide to the technique required for a safe and effective tackle.

There are a number of types of tackle in the game of rugby, front on, side, low body, smother tackle. I will be focusing on the side on tackle referred to for all eternity in rugby circles as the classic textbook tackle.

The side on tackle is an effective way to put your opponents on the ground, safely and if done with aggression and correct technique it can be very effective in forcing your opponent into a mistake.
The advantage of the side tackle is you can approach an opponent from either side. Positioning yourself inside the ball carrier limits their options and increases your chances of making a successful hit.

Step 1

Make sure your shoulders are above the ball carrier's hips.
This will minimise any chance of injury to yourself.

Step 2

Find your target - the ball carrier's thigh.

Step 3

Lower your centre of gravity into a crouching position, getting a close as possible to the opponent before hitting the target.

Step 4

Hit hard with your shoulder with your arm wrapping around the player.
Make sure your head is on the outside of the thigh, as if your ear is on his arse.

Step 5

Drive with your legs until the player has been brought down.
Thorough practice coupled with aggression will make you a more effective tackler.

This will give the necessary momentum to make a firm impact with your shoulder on the ball carrier's thigh.

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