The Saints Are Coming!

Greenday and U2 said it best with their version of 'House of the Rising Sun', I've changed the first paragraph but the message is clear.

'There's a house in Leicestershire, they call it Welford Rd
It has been the ruin of many a boy, and god, I know of some!!'

'The Saints are coming, the saints are coming. I say no matter how hard they try, they won't break the Tiger Pride.'
The saints are coming and it's gonna be an epic battle, one for the ages, equal to any gladitorial fight and whilst it's not to the death there can be only one winner.

The week leading up to tomorrows game has been as intense as any I've ever had, not so much physically but mentally. The approaching green and black army has stirred excitement and tension that reinforces why we all play this game, it's not the money, the fame or our egos. It's all about putting yourself on the biggest stage against a great foe and playing with heart and passion, being spurred on by the 24000 faithful supporters.

In my my eyes this is going to be a great game, and one that not only I, but the entire team is going to relish. I can't wait and look out for some early fireworks between two great traditional rivals.

Craig out.


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