Tigers v Leinster match report

Gutted. The only word for it. We couldn't have given any more, and with the odd break going our way instead of theirs, the result could so easily have been reversed. Leinster are a very good side though and, much like ourselves, take a hell of a lot of beating. It was nice to hear that some of their players have said it was the most physically demanding game they have played this season, I think we would say the same!

The weekend started well, we got a good look round the ground on Friday and arrived feeling well up for it, which I thought showed in our intensity early on – the only thing missing after 10 minutes was a score to put us in front. Later in the first half losing Louis was a big blow, not because the other guys aren't up to the job but for the experience and nous he brings to the engine room, especially at line-out where he has learned a few tricks of his own over the years! I wonder who taught who, Louis or Leo??

The big turning point was Chief just being edged out at one end after a check with the video ref, and then the Leinster 15 running in a 5-pointer soon after for them. 14-3 instead of 9-8 left us chasing the game but with plenty of time to go we didn't panic and thought the game was still winnable. We did get to them in the end but were left thinking we just ran out of time – Rob Hawkins scored a good try against what was a tiring Leinster defence. If only that had been 10 minutes earlier! But then every game is won and lost on "ifs"!

It was a fantastic atmosphere and the traveling Tigers fans definitely made sure we knew we were not alone, thanks to everyone who made it to the game. We come away more determined than ever to finish the season on a high and retain our Premiership title. Three wins on the spin would be something special. And we will come back for another huge crack at the Heineken next year – it's a great competition to play in, now I want to know even more how it feels to win it, we are capable of doing it.

Cheers for now



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